Chelsea “plan” to sell Reece James this summer doesn’t add up

Duncan Castles wrote last night that Chelsea would consider selling Reece James.

We’re not buying it. It’s just not a smart move, no matter how much they need money in the short term.

Castles bundles it up with the much more believable and well established story that Conor Gallagher is up for sale, to make the package more convincing. But surely James is being pushed towards the exit.

What is true is that, given the financial situation we’re in, any huge bid for any player would theoretically be looked at very seriously. With no exceptions. But nobody out there is going to make a bid like that for James after such a crippling series of injuries.

So the idea that there is a specific plan to sell him, a club captain and centre-piece of the team, at a low point in his value, seems madness. They’ve barely got enough depth at right back as it stands, just check out who’s playing there in our next game.

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