Report: Aspect that will be under most scrutiny at Chelsea’s end of season assessment

Chelsea will soon be having an end of season assessment, and there will be one aspect that will be under the most scrutiny, according to a report this week.

As we approach the end of another season, reflections and assessments will start to be drawn up now amongst the hierarchy at Chelsea. There are still games to be played though, and a chance that Chelsea can still gain some sort of European qualification this season. But in terms of winning any silverware, that is all over as Chelsea got knocked out of the Champions League on Saturday night losing 1-0 to Manchester City.

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The Chelsea owners would have been targeting some sort of silverware and Champions League qualification this season, but they will not get any of those now and might have to settle with Europa League football at the very best, even if at the moment that is also a very tough task to get.

There will be an assessment at the end of the season, according to The Athletic this week, and it will be manager Mauricio Pochettino who will come under the most scrutiny, or at least one of the aspects that will.

The report says Chelsea always planned to assess the season after its conclusion and one of the aspects under most scrutiny will be Pochettino’s performance.

The hope was that Chelsea would qualify for the Champions League via a top-four finish in the Premier League. Reaching the latter stages of both domestic cup competitions has provided cause for optimism, but not lifting either trophy also raises questions — not for the first time in his career — over whether Pochettino is a ‘winner’.

I think this is a fair assessment really and some questions really do need to be asked at the end of this season on all of the above.

Remember, Pochettino also plans to sit down with the Chelsea owners at the end of this season.

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