(Video): Mauricio Pochettino’s wild touchline celebrations show how close to the edge he was

Mauricio Pochettino celebrated wildly as Chelsea scored the winner in a crazy 4-3 victory over Man U, and again at full time – as well he might!

Just in terms of pure swing, there has been little precedent for a game like this in football. A loss felt like it was leading to more bad results and an inevitable departure in the summer. 80 seconds later we’ve won, we could win on Sunday and suddenly be back in it.

No wonder Pochettino went mad. He knows he was coming close to the edge, and he knows this buys him vast credit with the fans, those above him, and even the players will get an injection of belief.

Pochettino likes to work with emotions, and so far in hims time here there haven’t been positive ones to use. Now let’s hope this changes that.

You can see the Chelsea coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Doesn’t matter how many remaining flaws the match revealed, you celebrate like crazy ANYTIME you achieve a dramatic comeback win!

    That said, the post-game commentary on the American feed captured perfectly what the match represents for Chelsea—it encapsulated everything (from the good to the bad) that we are right now. We have bright young talent capable of creating danger and scoring goals, but we also have a tendency to play to open (especially in the lead) and are prone to bad mistakes (e.g., repeatedly squaring balls in dangerous parts of the field and giving away possession carelessly with numbers forward). Thank goodness the spirit and energy carried the day today and got the result. It’s something to build from in terms of belief that we’re always in the match, but it should also stand as yet another reminder that poor decisions and failure to execute against ANY opponent in the Premier League WILL GET PUNISHED.

    So, bask in the glow for 12 hours and then get back to work, lads!

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