Popular brand pull out of sponsoring Chelsea next season due to one key reason

One popular brand have pulled out of sponsoring Chelsea next season due to one key reason, and it has left Blues fans wondering who will be sponsoring the club next season.

This season we had to witness Chelsea playing without a front of shirt sponsor at the start of the season due to not making an agreement with any company in time for the season to start. I think we actually ended up seeing sponsor-less shirts for a handful of Chelsea games in the end before they managed to get an agreement with Infinite Athlete to go on the front and stay there for the whole season. But that was just for this season and Chelsea need new front of shirt sponsors again for this season.

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Air Jordan were being heavily linked as one big popular company who could be on Chelsea’s shirts in some format next season. However, that dream, for now at least, looks to be over, and that is because Chelsea did not qualify for Champions League football this season.

What is being reported?


According to reliable source on sponsorship news, Lukasz Baczek on X, Jordan Brand will not enter into a partnership agreement with any of the London clubs (Chelsea & Tottenham) next season. This is because from the beginning, the main goal of the US brand was the Champions League, and of course neither of the above mentioned clubs have achieved that.

He does also say that Jordan will hold more talks with Chelsea again now the season is over, but the chances of an agreement for this season are ‘close to zero’ per Baczek.

So you’d suspect that Chelsea will return to talks with Infinite Athlete once again and perhaps see if they can extend that front of shirt deal into next season, or look elsewhere and get in touch with more companies.

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  1. I don’t think the Jordan brand has ever done a proper front of jersey sponsorship. Have they? Typically their branding deals involve providing the kit (substituting the embroidered “jump man” for the Nike “swoosh”), as they have with PSG. But this is nowhere near the same as the large logo/lettering that main sponsors usually plaster across the entire front of the jersey. So, unless Jordan was planning to break precedent and do a full front-of-jersey sponsorship I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

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