(Video): Chelsea’s Brazilian double act give major hints about their plans for next season

While Strasbourg fans weren’t too happy about the purchase of a majority stake in their club by Chelsea umbrella group “Blue Co,” our new French affiliate club certainly did its part for us this season.

Angelo Gabriel went there on loan in the summer and was able to play and impress regularly. He did so well that Chelsea ended up sending fellow Brazilian youngster Andrey Santos to join him.

The two of them spoke on the pitch to the club’s in house media channels after Santos’ late winner last night. Both seemed happy to stay put next season.

“For me I am very happy here” said Santos.

We can’t see a better idea for either for them next season than staying put where they are and building on this season’s success. They seem to have a great relationship with each other, plus they seem happy there. With both of them fit and firing for Patrick Vieira’s team next year, who knows how well the Alsatians could do?

You can see their chat in the clip embedded here:

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