£19m Chelsea signing will have medical today ahead of controversial transfer

Many Chelsea fans are pretty concerned about their summer so far. A lot of big targets have slipped through our fingers already, and the dream of this being a period where we suddenly tool up and start looking like a Champions League side again is starting to look unlikely.

The names which are coming in are not the most awe inspiring either. Yesterday saw some pretty widespread disappointment at the idea that our first transfer fee spent of the summer was going to be £19m on…. Omari Kellyman.

The Aston Villa youth player looks a talent for sure, but one in a position where we’ve already got numerous talents. More than that, it represents another chunk of budget spent on an unproven teenager when there are first team elements of the squad desperate for an upgrade.

In goal, for example, top targets like Diogo Costa look unobtainable if we continue to spend £20m here and there on unproven talents.

Instead of guaranteeing an upgrade on the first team, we’re taking a punt on future talent.

In any case, it seems too late to hope that the deal doesn’t work out now. Simon Johnson of the Athletic has just followed up on the story by saying that Kellyman will have a medical today, meaning the move could be completed in just a few days.

FFP deal or just a true commitment to youth only

It’s such an odd move that it’s generating a lot of speculation. The replies under Johnson’s Tweet see plenty of accusation about it being simply an accounting fiddle. Some of those accusations are even from Chelsea fans.

Just a couple of years ago we signed another Aston Villa youth player, Carney Chukwuemeka, in the same position as Kellyman. He’s not seen his career kick on nearly as well as he would had he stayed at Villa Park. We wonder how Kellyman will feel in two years’ time?

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