(Video): “It’s quite clear” – Maresca explains his plans for how he will engage Chelsea fans

The vast majority of Chelsea fans – especially those who go to the stadium – have never felt as disconnected from the team as they do now.

The new ownership and the way they’ve operated has alienated a lot of supporters, and new coach Enzo Maresca is starting at an unfair disadvantage because of that.

In his first interview he made it clear that he already had a plan to get supporters backing him:

“It’s quite clear, we need to create, as soon as possible, the right mentality… we’re going to try to be an aggressive team, off the ball and on the ball, and we need to create this connection between the fans and the club, especially at home.

Well, whether he can pull it off or not is a different question. But he certainly has the right idea on how to do it. Fans will get behind any coach who gets the team playing exciting, aggressive football and gets the players motivated.

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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