Breaking news claims that key Chelsea starter is going to have surgery today

Some breaking news that has come out over night is claiming that a key Chelsea starter is about to have surgery on an injury TODAY!

With Chelsea’s injury problems that they are already going through right now, this will be the last thing that they need, but is it now the last resort?

Sources: Former Chelsea player still being considered for return to club

Claims have been made from local media in Argentina that Enzo Fernandez has been playing in pain for the last year with a hernia injury, and he now needs surgery to sort it out.

There has been uncertainty whether Enzo will wait until the end of the season to have the surgery, so that he can continue to play through pain for Chelsea. But there’s some confusion now amongst local sources whether Enzo might actually have the surgery sooner, with one source even claiming it will happen today.

Enzo wants to play in the Copa America for Argentina this summer, so suggestions are being made that this is why he will be going for the surgery earlier. If he does have it today, or earlier, it means that he will now not play again for Chelsea this season due to his recovery from the surgery.

It’s a huge decision, but local reporter Hernan Castillo is claiming Enzo will have the surgery TODAY.

There has been no official word from Chelsea or any of the English media outlets as of yet, and other local sources, Gaston Edul, are claiming that Enzo has actually not decided yet.

So who knows when he might be having the surgery, but I am sure we will hear more today.

Whatever happens, Enzo clearly needs this injury recovery, because he has certainly not been on it at all this season and it really seems to be effecting his form on the pitch.


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  1. He was pretty poor versus Arsenal, so why not shut him down for the season? At this point, I’d have more confidence seeing Gallagher paired with Caicedo in the middle because we know Gallagher will be more positionally disciplined and really look to partner with the Ecuadorean (as he did against City) than Enzo.

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