Cesc Fabregas explains “the most important thing” that a manager needs

Former Chelsea, Barcelona, and Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas will certainly cause a bit of a debate with his latest comments about coaching.

As you will know, Fabregas is now in the coaching game, getting his first taste of is as Assistant Manager at Como in the Italian Serie B. He also had a stint there as caretaker manager. But he is now the number two again at the club and he is just learning his trade.

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It seems like he is a very switched on tactical manager and he is going to know how to set a team up. Players who had such intelligence on the pitch whilst playing will often have the same intelligence when coaching after they quit playing too.

Fabregas for me will go far as a coach, I think he has the makings of all the attributes to be a good manager. But what are those attributes and what is the most important one? This is where the debate will come in.

Some managers are very good tactically but perhaps lack the man-management and leadership to build a strong mentality within the group. And sometimes you have a manager on the opposite end to this scale. I think it sounds like Fabregas is a bit of both, but he has named being able to build a strong mentality as being the most important thing that a manager can do.

Fabregas said: “I take inspiration from myself, I don’t look to anyone. I have clear ideas: for me, we have to work. I’ve tried to bring a certain winning mentality. This is the most important thing. We can all talk about tactics, it’s simple, but creating a strong mentality is the most important thing. There were stronger teams than us as a squad, in 6 months we achieved a feat and we are very happy.”

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