When Michael Olise is expected to give his answer to Chelsea on if he will join them

Chelsea continue to push to sign Crystal Palace winger Michael Olise, and there has been confidence given just last night from transfer expert Fabrizio Romano that this move could now happen.

This has been all the big news that has been going around in the last few weeks, and it looks like Chelsea are doing absolutely all they can to make sure they can land this guy.

Sources: Inside Chelsea’s Michael Olise deal and why it’s similar to the Enzo Fernandez one – we’re close now!

Olise to Chelsea is something that has been in the pipeline for the last year when they came very close to signing him in the last summer transfer window. And now during this window they are trying to sign him again, and it looks like they are also getting close once again. But the big question is this time around, will they and can they actually get it done and over the line now? Time will tell.

When will we find out?

Where will Olise be playing next season?

Well, he cannot know for sure of course, nobody can, but transfer expert Fabrizio Romano says that there is an expectation that it will be next week.

Romano was speaking on his latest Playback show last night, and of course there was a big focus around the Olise move.

Romano said: “All clubs hope to have an answer from Michael Olise, maybe in the next week.”

So by this time next week there is some hope that Chelsea will know whether they have landed their guy or not, a player who has apparently become the main priority for them to sign in this window.

There is also a new contract offer from Palace on the table for Olise, but with Chelsea confident, apparently Palace know they are the favourites to sign the elite winger.

There’s also other clubs still hovering around, but really not much is mentioned about them at all really and it all seems to be Chelsea.


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