“That would be madness” – Chelsea’s plans for this summer risk destroying progress since January

Matt Law is the Daily Telegraph’s Chelsea correspondent, so despite not being a fan, he sees us up close every week.

That’s why we always value his opinion on the team highly, and today in his column he made the point that any talk of blowing up the current project would be crazy.

Chelsea have just won two games in a row and have three relatively easy fixtures to close out the season, giving them a strong chance of finishing in Europe. Law’s overarching point is that despite how it’s felt at times, Chelsea have been steadily improving since the turn of the year, and how sacking Pochettino would risk undermining all that progress.

He even went as far as to post a graphic on Twitter showing the Premier League table in 2024, with Chelsea sitting 4th, to illustrate his point. But Law also notes that there are other ways that the club could risk chucking away all this good work – not least by selling some of their best performers this season:

“The concern remains, of course, that Chelsea could sell [Conor] Gallagher and [Trevoh] Chalobah and dispense with Pochettino this summer which would eradicate the recent signs of progress. Quite simply, that would be madness.” he wrote.

Chelsea players in a group huddle.

Building on strong foundations

Greater and greater numbers of fans are coming around to that idea now. We’re seeing even fans who had a long history of slating the home grown pair starting to grudgingly admit they have been vital for us this season, and should certainly be sticking around if we want to achieve anything serious this year.

The club could claim that their sales are unavoidable as they look to balance the books. But given sacking Pochettino would cost money rather than saving it, we can at least be increasingly confident he will still be in a job come August.

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